Premium Content: What Do I Get?

As well as the extensive selection of Free video and audio clips on the site, there is a larger selection of Premium content available for users who choose to subscribe to Videvo Lite, Videvo Plus or Videvo Pro. 

This Premium content is marked on the browse pages with the tag "Premium" over the video/audio thumbnail, and also on the clip download page itself, where the download button is displayed as "Premium Download".

All Premium content is licensed under the Royalty-free license, which allows for worldwide, perpetual use, on any platform (e.g. web, broadcast etc). 

You must be logged in as a Premium subscriber (Lite, Plus or Pro) in order to download Premium clips.

If you are not interested in seeing Premium clips when browsing and searching the site, you can choose to hide them by selecting  "Only free clips" from the filters at the top of the page.

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