How do I provide attribution?

Many clips on Videvo require that you provide a credit to the author (also referred to as attribution). These are clips that have been licensed under the Videvo Attribution License or Creative Commons 3.0 Unported (CC-BY). License and author information are viewable on the download page. 

The format

You should credit the name of the author exactly as it appears on the download page, followed by

For example if the author name is "Beachfront", the credit should read:  "Stock footage provided by Beachfront, downloaded from"

For broadcast, the end credits section for stock content is often referred to as Archive, with each provider/artist on a separate line. In this instance, the credit should go on a single line in the following format " <author name>". In the above example this would read " Beachfront". If the author is Videvo, the credit should simply read "Videvo".

Where to display the credit?

The credit can be displayed in the end credits of your production, and/or a text description published alongside your video (for example, the YouTube video description) with an active hyperlink for

Crediting the author for Creative Commons 3.0 Clips

Creative Commons outline their own guidelines on how to credit the author of media licensed under CC 3.0 (CC-BY). You can read the guidelines here

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