Advanced Search Commands

While we have a helpful filters function to allow users to narrow down their searches, it may be useful to users to utilise some of our advanced search functionality. We have integrated search terms to help tailor your results in particular ways:

list of commands and some of their possible values:

format => mov, mp4, QuickTime, WAV and mpg (ex. format:"QuickTime")
rating => can get any value from 0 to 7 inclusive (ex. rating:"5")
iseditorial => yes or no (ex. iseditorial:"yes")
issensitive => yes or no (ex. issensitive:"no") (the user must be logged for this to work)
author => the name of an author (ex. author:"tomoms")
lengthlt and lengthgt => these two must have the value in seconds. The values given to these two advanced commands exclude the value given from the interval, for example lengthgt:"5" will show all clips that have length 6 seconds or higher but not 5. (ex. lengthlt:"121" will show all clips that don't have a length greater than 2 minutes. These two commands can be used together, ex. lengthgt:"5" lengthlt:"21"
license => values of licenses like 'Royalty-Free' or 'Creative Commons 3.0' or any valid license for a clip. (ex. license:"Royalty-Free")

Note: commands can be used with or without search queries. For example 'pebble author:"tomoms" ' will show all of the videos from the author tomoms which correspond with the search term 'pebble' but just typing 'author:"tomoms" ' in the search bar should display all of the videos from the author tomoms.

An example of multiple commands used together:
author:"tomoms" lengthgt:"7" lengthlt:"18" issensitive:"no" license:"Royalty-Free"

this will show all of the clips from the author tomoms with length between 8 and 17 seconds not sensitive and with a Royalty Free license.

We will soon be integrating commands to allow users to search for content with attached model and property releases, as well as searching by file sze, resolution and original filename. Stay tuned for future updates!

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