Using Templates in Adobe Premiere Pro

How to Install Templates Using Premiere Pro

Templates are a great way of increasing the production value of your project and with Videvo’s vast template library you’ve got lots to choose from.

In this tutorial we’ll take you through the various methods of how to import these assets into Premiere Pro plus some editing tips to get you going. 

Method 1: The fastest way for .prproj files only

After you’ve downloaded your chosen template, you’ll need to unzip the compressed file. Next open the file’s contents to reveal a folder called ‘premiere pro’, enter this to find a file with extension .prproj. Simply double click this file or right click> Open with Adobe Premiere Pro and the template will open in Premiere Pro. Depending on your version of Premiere, it may ask to convert the template for use in your current version, click ok. 

Method 2: For .MOGRT Motion Graphics files

Depending on your version of Premiere you can either click on the Graphics & Titles option in the toolbar and select the second option , ‘Install Motion Graphics Template…’ where you can find the .MOGRT file and click open.

Alternatively when in Premiere, select the Graphics workspace tab and navigate to the ‘essential graphics’ panel. If you can’t see this, go to ‘window’ in the task bar and check ‘essential graphics’ from the menu. At the bottom right of this panel you should see a little plus symbol, click it to add a single .MOGRT motion graphics file.

Want to add multiple .MOGRTs? Then keep reading!

Method 3: Importing multiple .MOGRT files at once

To add multiple .MOGRT files into Premiere at once you’ll need to add them to your local templates folder which is also known as your Motion Graphics Templates folder. Where that is located depends on your operating system, see below for the relevant path: 


username/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Motion Graphics Templates


root://Users/username/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Common/Motion Graphics Templates

This Motion graphic templates folder contains all the templates within your Premiere Pro. Once located all you need to do is click and drag your multiple .MOGRT files into this folder. 

You may notice some sub-folders here, these are from previous versions of Premiere and so you do not need to place your .MOGRTs in these. The organisation of templates has actually changed in Premiere but more on that later. 

Now when you open Premiere Pro, you will see these newly added .MOGRTs in the essential graphics window. 

For windows users, you can also try dragging and dropping a group of .MOGRTs directly into the essential graphics window.

Method 4: Importing .prfset Effect Preset files files

.prfset files are Effect Preset files which can alter motion, opacity and time remapping amongst other awesome things. Fortunately adding them is very simple, in Premiere, navigate to the Effects panel. You can also find this in ‘window’ in the toolbar and check ‘effects’ in the list. In the list of presets that come with Premiere, you should see a sub-folder called ‘presets’ usually at the top, right hand click this and click ‘import presets’. Search to find your .prfset file and click open.

In the preset folder you now should see a sub-folder with the name of your chosen template, in this you will find all your downloaded presets. Simply drag and drop your chosen effect onto an asset in your timeline for it to apply the change.

Pro tips 

Backing up 

As your template collection grows, so does its value. Mistakes can happen and so it's a great idea to periodically backup your Motion Graphics Templates folder as located in method 3. 


If you’ve recently upgraded your Premiere Pro you may notice that the way in which you locate a specific template has changed. In v22.0 you now have a handy search bar option to sift through your library as well as a check box option to search your local templates only. 

The libraries check box option is great for those using brand assets that are either working from a centrally located library or perhaps just a place where you like to keep everything relating to that brand separate. 

Renaming and keywording templates

In the essential graphics window, locate the template you wish to change using the search options. At the bottom of each thumbnail on the right hand side you will see an ‘i’ info icon, click this to open options to let you rename the template and add keywords, a great way to optimise your search results. 

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